Wood Floor Cleaning by Sears

Why Choose Sears for Your Hardwood Floor Cleaning?

  • Trained background-checked cleaning professionals
  • Multi-step hardwood floor cleaning process.
  • Topcoat finish refresher available
  • Cleaning reinvigorates dusty and scuffed flooring
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning For Your Home


Hardwood flooring adds elegance and charm to your home. Over time though, hardwood floors accumulate scuffs and spots, becoming dirty. If you’ve been asking yourself “do I need professional hardwood floor cleaning?” the answer is yes.

Sears technicians use special equipment and cleaners specifically designed for wood. We utilize a six-step cleaning process that incorporates cleaning equipment not found in retail stores. While sweeping and mopping can keep a hardwood floor looking clean on the surface, home cleaning methods cannot match the level of clean that professional hardwood floor cleaning services provide. Instead of merely moving dirt and dust around with a mop or broom, eliminate debris entirely with a residential hardwood floor cleaning that will leave your floors looking vibrant and restored.

Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaning- The Sears 6-Step Wood Cleaning Process

  1. A technician will thoroughly inspect your floors and scan for problem areas that will require more attention.
  2. The technicians will then vacuum the floor to remove loose dust and lint particles.
  3. Sears associates will use powerful cleaning equipment to loosen dirt and mopping residue from within your floor. Our cleaning solution purges the floor of any remaining debris before the dislodged dirt and the solution itself are vacuumed away.
  4. 4) Your hardwood floors are then hand cleaned by the technician using a microfiber cloth to reach edges and corners.
  5. 5) Your cleaning is prolonged by our neutralizing solution as we clean the floor a second time and give it a shiny finish.
  6. A final inspection is conducted to ensure the floor has been thoroughly cleaned *

Finish With a Refresher Top Coat for the Most Beautiful Floors Attainable

Following your cleaning, we recommend that customers invest in an application of Hardwood Finish Refresher Top Coat. A top coat refinisher adds an extra layer of protection to your hardwood. Not only will the refinisher protect your hardwood, but it will delay the need for another professional hardwood floor cleaning while adding shine and luster to your flooring.


 *Results may vary depending on previous floor maintenance and the current condition of the floor. Cleaning/coating the floor will not remove or reduce the appearance of previous scratches, wear, or other damage. Sears technicians are not responsible for pre-existing scratches, loose boards, or other damage. If you are not completely satisfied with your residential hardwood floor cleaning service, contact us within 30 days from the date of service and we will make our best attempt to resolve your issues. Sears must be permitted to inspect and remedy your concerns. This guarantee is null and void if subsequent cleaning/coating has occurred.

10,780 Customer Reviews

4.8 rating 4.8 out of 5 stars

2.8 rating

Several of the stains reappeared after the carpet dried, if they couldn't get it out I should have been told

  • on Mar 24, 2019
5 rating

They vastly improved the coloring on our dull office carpeting, and enhanced the coloring of our seating chairs. We use their services annually, and highly recommend their services for commercial or residential use.

  • on Mar 23, 2019
5 rating

I was quite satisfied with the work done to my carpets.

  • on Mar 23, 2019
4 rating

Carpet still looks dirty

  • on Mar 22, 2019
5 rating

My carpet cleaning experience was fantastic! No complaints at all.

  • on Mar 22, 2019
5 rating

Everything above should say this was a great experience. I will always ask for the guy who came and did the carpets this time. He was so much better than the people last time I had them done. He was great to work with and he did a good job and seem to really care about doing a good job. Please tell him thank you.

  • on Mar 21, 2019
5 rating

We had Miguel clean our carpet for several years and he does a super job and attention to detail. Would not want anyone else

  • on Mar 21, 2019
5 rating

The technician was extremely knowledgable about the cleaning process and stains that were on the carpeting.

  • on Mar 20, 2019
2.3 rating

My carpet has been fadded. Once was tan and now is pink. Technician returned and propose dyeing my carpet. That is not going to help the situation. Someone needs to pay for my carpet replacement.

  • on Mar 19, 2019
5 rating

Only thing they need to remember is putting the water hose back up otherwise great service and they did the best they could with how old and stained the carpet is!

  • on Mar 19, 2019
5 rating

Chuck and Zach were outstanding. They made my new carpet look new. We had some tough stains and they got them out. They were professional, on time and friendly. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

  • on Mar 18, 2019
5 rating

We had our two area rugs cleaned, between foot traffic and a small dog our carpets were in desperate need of cleaning. The guys did such a good job that I told them that our carpets looked new again. I thought that the stains would be visible after the carpets dried but they really did a fantastic job. I would use this service again.

  • on Mar 17, 2019

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