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  • Your home could be up to 70 times more polluted than the outdoors
  • Indoor air pollution is one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health
  • Indoor Air Purification, Air Cleaning, and Air Filter products available
  • 90% of common colds are caught indoors
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The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality Video
The Importance of Indoor Air Quality Video
The Environmental Protection Agency has stated homes can be up to 70 times more polluted than the outdoor environment. They have also identified indoor air pollution as one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health. With Americans spending nearly 90% of their time indoors, it's no wonder there has been a sharp increase in the number of asthma & allergy cases each year. What you inhale has an immediate and profound effect on things such as appetite, digestion, moods, depression, anxiety, irritability and sleep. Improve your home’s air quality and you will have a healthy home that is comfortable, safe and inviting.

You wouldn’t drink dirty water. Why would you breathe dirty air?

Indoor Air Pollution
Just like water, air is vital for survival, yet it must be clean and free of harmful contaminants. Do you think the air in your home is clean? Even the best of air filters, changed on a regular monthly basis, will not clean your air of the viruses, allergens, bacteria, and harmful gases that are in every home. Although you can’t see them, they are still there, too small to be caught by your HVAC air filter so they just pass through your home over and over again. In addition to the airborne viruses, bacteria, mold spores, that are found in your home, there are also VOC’s. VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are gases emitted from products found in the home including: air fresheners, cleaning supplies, pesticides, furnishings, craft materials, glues and adhesives, permanent markers, building materials, paint strippers, as well as emissions from stoves, ovens, fireplaces, and some portable heaters. Families that have young children, elderly people, anyone who has allergies or is immunocompromised will be healthier and feel better breathing clean air.

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Are you ready to have cleaner air in your home? If you have questions we are here to help. Every home is different and has different needs. Let us know about your concerns and we can help guide you to the product that will best fit your needs.
HEPA Air Filtration System

HEPA Filtration System

The Air Purification System employs a HEPA filter, the world's most effective filter.
  • Pre-filter: Air is drawn in through a carbon pre-filter that removes large particles, such as dust, pollen and fibers.

  • HEPA Filter: The finest particles including bacteria, attached viruses, mold, smoke, and dust are captured by the main HEPA filter.

  • Carbon Trap: The volatile organic compounds (VOC's) present as gases, fumes, and odors are absorbed by the carbon trap.

  • Adaptable: Can be installed as a component of your central heating & cooling system or used as a stand-alone portable unit.

PCO- Photo Catalytic Oxidation

PCO - Photo Catalytic Oxidation

Powerful Air Purification System
  • Combines the power of Ultraviolet Lights (UV) with the technology of a Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) filter

  • Helps eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, VOC's and odors

  • Easily installed in your central heating & cooling system

  • Virtually maintenance free with limited warranty

Ultraviolet(UV) Air Cleaner

Ultraviolet (UV) Air Cleaner

  • UV lights help kill germs such as mold, viruses, bacteria and fungi.

  • UV light has been used for years in the sterilization of hospitals and laboratories - and is now available for residential use.

  • Easy installation in your home's HVAC system.

  • Can prevent the growth of bio film when placed over the evaporation coil.

Air Filters

Air Filter – Filters clean the air in your home and help your HVAC system work more efficiently.

Choose an air filter to fit your needs:
  • A Permanent Filter that is constructed of durable plastic material and has an electrostatic charge to enhance its air filtering capability. Can be removed and washed as needed. Lifetime warranty.
    Custom sizes available!

  • A Pleated Filter provides more filtering capacity than a normal paper filter because it has a larger surface area to trap the dirt and dust (particulates). Available in sizes 1" and 5" thick, it does a good job cleaning your indoor air. For maximum benefit, replace periodically during the year.

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