Carpet Cleaning by Sears

Carpet Cleaning by Sears

Carpet Cleaning Quick Facts

  • Every day 500+ households choose Sears for Carpet Cleaning.
  • Professional, trained, background-checked technicians
  • Convenient appointments
  • 2-Step deep clean process removes dirt attracting residue to keep your carpet clean longer.
  • We do not use damaging optical brighteners
  • No hidden pricing
  • Carpet Protectors & Carpet Deodorizers Available

The Sears Two-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet Cleaning Video Demo
Carpet Cleaning
As a homeowner, you want your carpet to look, feel, and smell fresh. Sears Clean technicians know how you feel, and they are experts at cleaning dirty, matted carpet—leaving them clean, soft, and virtually odor-free.

Allergens, dust mites, dirt, and pet dander build up in carpets over time, leaving them grimy and discolored. Our two-step, professionally-recognized carpet cleaning system can extract dirt, remove stains, eliminate odors, and restore color, leaving your carpet looking and feeling fresh. Our process relies on powerful, industry-leading cleaning solutions that release dirt and grime, followed by a fiber rinse that removes leftover cleaning solution and much of the remaining moisture. That way, your carpet will be dry quicker. After the process, your carpet will feel refreshed and look great in a way that your family and guests will appreciate.
Step 1: Clean Carpets
A special heated carpet cleaning solution is sprayed deep into the carpet fibers to loosen embedded dirt.
Step 2: Rinse Carpets
It’s followed by a high-powered extraction and pH-balancing fiber rinse to remove the dirt and cleaning solution, leaving your carpet as clean as it can be.

Sears Certified Carpet Cleaning Service

Sears Carpet Cleaning Blue Service Crew
At Sears Clean, we know that our service is only as good as the staff that provides it. We pride ourselves in maintaining an exceptional staff of dedicated carpet cleaning professionals. Each new Sears employee undergoes a rigorous background check and drug test, followed by intensive training in carpet fiber components, stain removal techniques, and equipment operation. We believe that the combination of our unique cleaning system and employee dedication are the keys to our success—the same keys that led to our Platinum Certification from the Carpet & Rug Institute.

We also hold ourselves to a high standard of customer service and communication. Our specialists are always happy to discuss pricing options, stain removal, carpet cleaning tips, and the Sears cleaning process. Likewise, we consistently administer surveys to all serviced customers to ensure the quality of our service never wavers, and that every Sears Clean customer is left satisfied by our work. Our customer service representatives are standing by to receive your call. Call today, and schedule service that will leave your carpet restored, refreshed, and renewed.

Professional Carpet Stain Removal

Whether it's from red wine, chocolate, or dirt, noticeable carpet stains can diminish the look and feel of an entire room. Likewise, many stains can be difficult to remove on your own. With only household cleaners and paper towels, you may not be able to remove a stain completely. Sears' carpet cleaning service, on the other hand, use powerful, industry-leading stain removal equipment, specially-formulated stain removal agents, and a fair amount of old-fashioned know-how. Our professional technicians have experience with all types of stain, and they know how to apply their tools to best remove them. Not all stains, however, can be removed, as some are too deeply set in to the carpet fibers. When stains can't be completely removed, our technicians can usually lighten the stains so they are less noticeable. For more information on which types of stains are most easily removed and how, you can contact a Sears representative to learn more.

Steam Cleaning vs. Sears Two-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Why Choose Sears for Your Carpet Cleaning?

Sears Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Care
Sears Carpet Cleaning & Air Duct Cleaning offers an unparalleled carpet cleaning system that removes dirt and restores carpet to its former fresh state. Our process follows the guidelines and recommended processes for effective carpet cleaning recommended by America’s largest carpet manufacturer. Our professional service includes:
  • Trained, courteous service technicians that possess lengthy experience with carpet cleaning equipment and techniques. Our personnel are the cornerstone of our business, and they are sure to leave you 100% satisfied with our quality of service.
  • Scheduling flexibility to allow for service calls that fit your busy schedule.
  • Increased attention given to highly trafficked areas and troublesome spots.
  • Special carpet protectors and deodorizers.
  • A unique extraction system that allows your carpet to dry quickly after servicing.
  • FREE estimates on all cleaning services.
  • No hidden fees.

How to Choose a Carpet Cleaner

Choosing a Carpet or Upholstery Care Service
  • Investigate companies to find the one whose employees you trust with your home and belongings.
  • Ask questions about employee training, background checks, and company insurance.
  • Confirm with the cleaner that their cleaning solutions are pet friendly and kid safe.
  • Ask about the cleaning solutions and equipment used during the cleaning process.
  • Ensure that all cleaning systems, solutions, and industry equipment have been tested and given the highest possible ratings by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

The Importance Of Regular Professional Cleaning...

Professional Carpet Cleaning
Sometimes carpet dirtiness and discoloration looks obvious, but, at other times, a clean looking carpet can conceal unseen dirt, grime, soil, dust and pet dander. Regular traffic grounds this dust and dirt deeply into carpet fibers, where it remains buried and indiscernible. Just because you can't see this filth doesn't mean that it isn't releasing unpleasant odors or harming your indoor air quality.

While regular vacuuming might remove some dust and dirt from the carpet, most standard vacuum cleaners lack the power to extract deeply embedded dirt. Additionally, a vacuum cleaner's mechanism cannot match the robust effect of a professional carpet cleaning system. With regular professional carpet cleaning, you ensure that your carpet remains free from all of that unnoticeable dirt and grime that often lies within your carpet fibers.

Carpet Protectors

Carpet Protectors
Once your carpet has undergone professional cleaning, we recommend the optional application of the UltraCare™ Fourguard Carpet Protector. This carpet protector restores the protective coating on your carpet, making your cleaning last longer and allowing for easier home cleanings.

New carpets typically come treated with carpet protectors when delivered to a retail carpet supplier. After heavy foot traffic and frequent vacuuming, however, this protector wears off over time. The reapplication of this protector reestablishes this layer and helps preserve carpet integrity against heavy foot traffic. The protector also helps prevent stains from quickly sinking in after a spill.

Carpet Deodorizers

Carpet Deodorizers
Unfortunately, a smelly carpet typically leads to a smelly home, and guests and visiting relatives can quickly detect the odors your carpet can contain. Pets, in particular, can be the cause of these odors, but several other natural organisms could be the source of these odors. Whatever the cause, Sears offers powerful solvents that can eliminate or significantly reduce carpet odors. Our UltraCare™ Pet Odor Eliminator uses enzyme-powered elements to fight odor-causing sources. These enzymes can target odors from vomit, urine, feces, sour milk, and other organic products by actually digesting these organic substances. Once applied, these deodorizers swallow up the odor-causing culprits to leave your carpet smelling fresh.
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Carpet Cleaner
21,146 ratings

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June 24, 2016 5
We were very please with the technician. We have used sears at least 3 times, this Tech was wonderful. We will definitely request him in the future. Our carpet looks great. We do not Remember his name. His work performance was impeccable. VERY,VERY pleased. Thank you.
June 24, 2016 5
June 24, 2016 5
I had a friend here with me, and we had 3 kids under 3. The guys were so accommodating! Their service went above and beyond just carpet cleaning. Thank you so much Rick and Kris!!!!!
June 24, 2016 5
You seem to have filled out your questionnaire to your own satisfaction. Reflects very badly on you. The service provided was satisfactory - carpets cleaned very well by your service men.
June 24, 2016 5
No, your staff/carpet cleaners were very professional, polite, knowledgeable, & PROMPT! They did a GREAT JOB 👍🏻
June 24, 2016 5
I was very impressed with Dustin's professionalism and knowledge. He and his partner were on time, called before they came to let me know when they would be at my home, and did an exceptional job with our carpeting. I would definitely ask for him in the future. He is a good representative for your company.
June 24, 2016 5
Both men were extremely professional. They told me exactly what they could do, how long it would take to dry, etc. They did a wonderful job. Additionally when I called to make the appointment I explained that I needed to have the first appointment in the morning because new tenants were moving in later the same day. Everything worked out perfectly. Many thanks for a great job from appointment to completion!
June 24, 2016 5
Jacob and Anthony were rock stars! They explained the process from start to finish, recommended treatment options, and took the time to ensure the carpets are as clean as possible. They even demonstrated how much grime was coming out of the carpet by letting me observe the cleaning process, and explaining what is occurring in detail. Top notch work, and professional service. Thank you!
June 24, 2016 5
Jermain and Josh was awesome they were so professional and did a great job! They are welcomed back anytime and will be our carpet cleaning professional for life!
June 24, 2016 4.3
They were very nice and professional, but were a half hour past my appointment window because of traffic. Since it was so late I was concerned about how long the carpet would take to dry. Parts of it took more than 24 hours to dry although I was reassured that it would not take that long. I would prefer a shorter window of time for the appointment. Waited the tree full hours and an extra half hour. I know traffic is not therir fault, but that's a long time to be sitting around waiting.
June 24, 2016 2.5
The carpet cleaning service was requested for my elderly parents two bedrooms The carpets are worn, yet they told my mother that she needed carpet stain protectant For $40. That was outrageous. I am very disappointed and I know it was an extra Amount they did not need to spend.
June 24, 2016 2.3
Carpet was cleaned to satisfaction. The problem I have is the cleanup (or lack thereof) that took place afterward. I was not present when the workers were in my house, but when I arrived home the first thing I noticed was a very large splatter on my garage door. The splatter obviously came from the cleaning equipment and measured at least 2 ft by 2 ft (impossible to miss). Then, as I was cleaning the stain off the garage door I notice a massive impression in my yard (obviously due to some type of heavy equipment resting there) and my bark scattered throughout the rocks in my flower bed. I know for a fact both of these incidences were caused by your workers because I was just in my yard the night prior doing my own maintenance. I am not normally one to complain because I know what a difficult job these workers have, but this was very unsatisfactory. If your going to mess up my yard, at least have the decency to ATTEMPT to clean it up. I do not wish for these workers to suffer any disciplinary action, but they obviously need some refresher training on leaving a property in the same condition in which they found it. Thanks for listening-Glen Jackson
June 24, 2016 2
I am unsure how this procedure was supposed to go, but I had so much water all over my floors. Now, the technician asked me if I had a mop so he could clean it, but I did not have a mop. I told him at this point I would clean it up. But why so much water? I have wood floors and because of so much water it did leak into my basement. I complained to the 800 number and they were supposed to send someone out after my husband got home at 3:45. No one showed, and no one called. I even gave it another day and no show no call. luckily everything looks fine and the couch's look great, but I am very unhappy that we did not even get a call to explain why so much water every where. Would not recommend this to anyone. What if I had carpet?? Could not imagine!
June 24, 2016 1.5
the techs did show up between 3pm & 5pm, but i ordered a special for 4 rooms $95, but when they arrived was told only 3 rooms would be done due to family room size. this information was not listed on special per room sizes. i was also told that it would take about an hour & half to do rugs. they finished witin 45 mintes, which seemed extremely quick. rugs were extremely wet too. we just moved into house so there was no furniture to move except one small cabinet & they did not move it, they cleaned around it. it really felt like we were the last job of the day & they just wanted to get done to go home. i will not use sears rug service ever again nor will i recommend sears for this type of service. it was a waste of money
June 24, 2016 1
My carpet looked fine wet but now that it's drying you can see the spots. For ripping us off $250 I would expect my carpet to be perfect. I would like a full refund or for them to come back and fix it!
June 10, 2016 5
The two techs that were here did a good job / called when they were in route and showed up on time / good experience / carpets look good / amount of time they were here was good / tell the two techs good job we appreciate there efforts.
June 10, 2016 5
Mauricio did an excellent job with the carpets and was courteous and professional
June 10, 2016 5
Carpet had been professionally cleaned 10 days ago but didn't look good. Technicans did a great job and carpet looks much better.
June 10, 2016 5
I was VERY VERY IMPRESSED with my service. I will be calling to personally thank the men that came over and put such hard work into cleaning my carpet. It was a TOUGH job that I thought was impossible, but the techs seemed very much encouraged to get the stains out!!! I was so so very very happy!!! I love people that want a challenge !!!! And trust me, that was a challenge !!!!!! Thank you Sears!!!! your the best!!!
June 10, 2016 5
The carpet tech, Angelo was friendly and courteous. He explained everything that he and his partner were going to do and asked if I was completely satisfied.
June 10, 2016 5
Jake and Max were great! I appreciate how thorough they were and they did a fantastic job on the carpet. Explained everything very well also. I am in the customer service industry also and I would give them a 10 if I could.
June 10, 2016 5
We had some ink spots that didn't come up and he provided some home remedies he had heard of that may be worth a shot. Other than the spots the carpets look brand new again!
June 10, 2016 5
I am very pleased with Mr. George Ruiz's work. He was extremely polite and professional while working on my carpet. I will ask for him each time I schedule a carpet cleaning.
June 10, 2016 4.3
Our technician was excellent, very professional, but unfortunately as the carpet dried it was clear that several stains remained. However, it was more my fault than his. I had all the windows open and with the early morning sun coming into the house it was very hard to see the stains. They are much more noticeable near late afternoon and into the evening.
June 10, 2016 3.5
After the carpet had dried, in one room, there are noticeable differences in tone, possibly due to the dirt level or the machine being used not pulling enough of the solution out. It looks like it needed a second extraction.
June 10, 2016 2
My carpet was cleaned but you damaged 3 areas when you dragged the hose around the corners. I notified you and sent photos of the damaged areas. I am waiting for you to repair these areas and restore them to the original condition.
June 10, 2016 1.3
I was explained by the technician that some of the stains may not come out but when he was finished and all of 30 minutes none of the stains came out so I rented a steam cleaner from a local store and it came out beautiful I am very dissatisfied I have called Sears and yet have not heard back from them and I have pictures to show the difference between Sears doing it and me renting a steam cleaner doing it myself
May 23, 2016 5
The technician was excellent from explaining step by step on the products and equipment and the process all I can say is 5-star service and would also recommend my friends to Sears carpet
May 23, 2016 5
Mr. Mickens was very detailed and thorough in the job. So far carpet looks great...I'm hoping it looks the same when it dries. Nice guy and worker overall!!
May 23, 2016 5
Have had they same gentleman from Sears back multiple times to clean the carpets. Great service, on time, good price.
May 23, 2016 5
The team-Martin Baidoo and George Boakey were very professional and friendly and did a fantastic job cleaning my carpets at my new home. I have an appointment for 5/28 to clean my carpets at the home I am moving out of and requested they be the ones to do it! Great job. Thank you.
May 23, 2016 5
The two gentlemen that came to do the carpets were very professional and friendly and also did a exceptional great job. I have no complaints. Rebecca Laponuke
May 23, 2016 5
Daniel and Deontay provided EXCELLANT services this morning!!!! I was very impressed with the quality of services and there professionalism. These two service technicians made sure that I understood every process before they started the cleaning my carpet, I didn't recognize my carpet once they were finished (The carpet looked NEW!!!!). Daniel and Deontay are an asset to the Sears Corporation!!!! I definitely will be using Sears Carpet Cleaning again and I will let my family and friends know if they need carpet cleaning services, to call Sears Carpet Cleaning. Please continue to hire more service technicians like Daniel and Deontay!!! Thank you, The Evans Family
May 23, 2016 4.3
There was a desk the technicians said they could not move because it was too heavy. We would have been happy to assist if they told us while in the process so the whole carpet was cleaned.
May 23, 2016 2.8
The carpet and tile grout was still wet when I inspected it so I will not know for sure until tomorrow (5/24). However, at the inspection, I did see some remaining stain on the area from the laundry room to the hallway and I asked about it. I was told he went over it twice, however, the other tech offered to try again and it came up. One thing I do know is that one of the seams in the hallway was pulled apart which was not the case when they arrived. I now have a seam that is not attached that has to be replaced. The technician minimized the damage saying that the carpet had "delaminated" and that perhaps I should use a glue gun to repair it. I'm hopeful that Sears will stand behind their work and take corrective action, however, I'd prefer it not be by the original technicians.
May 23, 2016 2.5
I have used Sears carpeting cleaning services on yearly basis since I moved into my home 9 years ago. I have always been satisfied with service you have provided except this time. The technicians were very nice and provided a good recommendation of using vinegar and water to spot clean the carpet which I appreciated. The carpet was clean when they left. However, there was a little bit of debris in some areas, they did move the couch to clean under it, or tie up the curtains so they did not get wet. Also, they did not rake the carpet at the end of the cleaning. These are things I am accustomed to when Sears has provided carpet cleaning services in the past, but it was not done this time. While the technicians were personable and the carpet overall was clean, I would not want them to service my home in the future based on the quality of the job.
May 23, 2016 2.5
Thought you could improve on the service by moving some/ any furniture for the full carpet or room to be cleaned and not just the carpet that is showing
May 23, 2016 1
I have tried to reach you by phone, and stayed on the line for 30min.. still not getting thru.I was told the service would take an hour to hour and half. The technicians were out of my place is less than 20 minutes, and only moved one chair in the bedroom. They did not move trash cans.. or the dining room chairs etc. I will NOT pay for this service and will call my credit card company to cancel the charge. They removed one spot in the dining room, and were very proud of this accomplishment.. but overall, I felt that they rushed and did not take care of the carpet in so many many places.
May 09, 2016 5
This time the job was done professionally and correctly it looks good. It is to bad we had to have it done 2x to get the results of a clean carpet correct. I will really have to rethink calling Sears in the future for any carpet cleaning old or new. I don't want to have to repeat the processes to get what should be a 1 time result.
May 09, 2016 5
The carpet stayed wet longer than expected however the carpets were cleaned well. Aaron was very friendly professional & almost too quick! I was expecting 20 montes per room & he did the whole house in a little over an hour and he was working alone
May 09, 2016 5
We could not be more satisfied with the job that the gentleman did who came to clean our carpet on short notice. We would definitely want to have him come back in the future as we need this service done again. He was very personable and just did a REMARKABLE job! We could not be more pleased. I wish I could remember his name, but we were so busy and trying to meet a deadline that it just will not come to me. He was truly AWESOME!
May 09, 2016 5
The carpet was cleaned to my satisfaction and the technicians were very kind and professional.
May 09, 2016 5
The technician restored my confidence with Sears. He didn't point out all my family's faults or call my carpet "cheap" like the last technician. Really nice guy and he cleaned up when he was done
May 09, 2016 5
Stephen was very particular & efficient-- He knew what he was doing... friendly & knowledgeable-- moved heavy furniture & put either foam blocks or plastic under the legs to prevent moisture damage & returned all to original place on the damp carpet-- appreciate the attentiveness to detail! it took thru the next day for the carpet with protectant to dry sufficiently to return all items to the rooms-- dealt w/sears for 40+ years & always been dependable-- shines thru again... 1st time with carpet cleaning & it looks great, of course-- thank you!
May 09, 2016 5
They were incredibly friendly and accommodating. Even when we couldn't find an outside water source they were nice enough to hook it up via my kitchen sink. The carpets look incredible and I'm definitely making this an annual thing 😄
May 09, 2016 5
Extremely professional and the carpets look amazing, thank you
May 09, 2016 5
Great Service, carpet looks awsome, and tech was friendly and professional. I will definitely call again when carpets needs another cleaning. Thank you for same day service.
May 09, 2016 4.5
Certain areas of carpet feel hard and appear to be crunchy two full days after service. Unsure if it will soften up with time or not.
May 09, 2016 4.3
I called because the foyer still smells like urine. That is the reason I got my carpet professionally cleaned. I am satisfied with all the house except that area. I am waiting for a call back from Sears to reschedule the cleaning for the foyer again.
May 09, 2016 3.8
I thought that the carpet would look clean, but there are spots that still look dirty right next to areas that are clean. So it was done but not great. Carpet cleaned too quickly!
May 09, 2016 2.5
I'm a senior, and he didn't put my family room furniture back in the room, so I've had to call for help to get it back in. Disappointing. I would have cleaned it myself if I knew I would have to move furniture. I'm pretty sure the reason he didn't was because he replaced my sectional couch first, mispositioned, and then couldn't fit the other tables in and just didn't bother with it or bother to mention it to me, so now I have to wait for family to come do it. And, tho I assume the cleaning to be sufficient, it isn't even dry yet so I really don't have a clue,but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on that. You'll hear from me if it's not satisfactory after drying. How about a credit for my finishing the job for him?
April 22, 2016 5
Edges of the carpet could use more cleaning but overall great work
April 22, 2016 5
Both of the technicians, Benjamin and Xavior were fantastic. They were very respectable and were very knowledgeable about carpet and the products Sears offers.
April 22, 2016 5
Technician was very knowledgeable on proper up keep of the carpet. Great customer service.
April 22, 2016 5
I paid a lot for the deodorizing part and the following day - the room's still smelt a lot. Is it the carpeting? Or do you have different kinds of deodorizing agents that you use?
April 22, 2016 5
Deon Lacey and Perry Jones were great to work with. If we have the carpets cleaned again I would request these two fine gentleman again by name.
April 22, 2016 5
My technicians were Brandon and Jayshawn. They called to let me know their estimated time of arrival and then arrived right on time. They were friendly, courteous and very attentive to various spots on my carpets that I hadn't even noticed myself! They were fast but thorough and my carpets looked great after. They were able to answer all my questions (including ones about whether or not my cats could walk on the carpets safely). I would highly recommend them to anyone and was completely satisfied with my service.
April 22, 2016 5
The carpet cleaners were excellent. I would have liked the scotch guard to have been included with the price.
April 22, 2016 4.5
I was hoping they would be able to get stains a little better. But the carpet looks pretty darn good!
April 22, 2016 4
The technicians were prompt and friendly. Explained everything that I asked them. Carpets turned out very nice.
April 22, 2016 2.3
Our carpet looks like it was "cleaned" with straight tap water with no detergent or cleaner. Every spot is still there and every high-traffic area is still dirty. VERY displeased with the work & will need it done again
April 22, 2016 1
The carpet cleaners did a terrible job. They did not remove any stains and the carpet does not look any better than it did before it was cleaned. Very disappointed and surprised Sears would have such unprofessional service.
April 22, 2016 1
When we saw the difference between the first time we had our carpets cleaned (which Sears did not do) compared to yesterday when Sears did the job we were amazed! We're not even sure that other company should be in business after how well Sears did! We hired you to do work at your business and now our home. Both times everything went seamlessly...and the carpet looked amazing! We will definitely be using you in the future!! Thank you!
April 08, 2016 5
He came back the same day to deliver a bottle of deodorizer. He stayed to help us move the furniture back into place. George went above and beyond!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
April 08, 2016 5
I was very happy I chose Sears for my carpet cleaning.......... A wonderful job was done
April 08, 2016 5
I was very pleased with the workers, who explained everything in detail and did a nsat and tidy job. I will make an annual appointment to have my carpets cleaned from now on.
April 08, 2016 4.8
One of my carpets was still wet after 6 hours and damp after 24. Strong chemical smell in all rooms even though I left windows open during the day
April 08, 2016 4.8
At the time of order, you should tell weather carpet protector is included or not, if not what is the extra price so technician do not have to sell this protectant service at the time of service and customer is caught off guard.
April 08, 2016 4.8
A snag in the Berber carpet was created during cleaning
April 08, 2016 4.3
you came early which was a little inconvenient and i wasn't able to vacuum the carpet. the technician was really nice and helpful about it.
April 08, 2016 3.5
I feel like the carpet should look cleaner. Not happy with some areas. The price was not great for the quantity of carpet cleaned.
April 08, 2016 3
Past Sears carpet cleaning and explanation on what to expect has been above satisfactory.
April 08, 2016 2.3
The technicians did clean the entire carpet but the appearance of some areas still look dirty. I would prefer to try another carpet cleaning service in the future.
April 08, 2016 2.3
My carpet does not look good. I paid over 300 dollars for my carpets to look the same as they did before. Very unhappy
April 08, 2016 1.5
Did not get carpet clean. He said that the carpet was white and that's the best that could be done. I have had white carpet cleaned before and it came out very clean. I would like a redo to get the carpet clean.
April 08, 2016 1
Carpet stains are back today. Jeff repeated himself constantly plus he refused to answer my questions. The carpet was still damp this morning. Sears gave me a discount but the charge was over twice as much as I normally pay. For that amount of money I expected a much better out come. I think you have a lot to work on. Kennie
March 21, 2016 5
We were very pleased with Jim: his work, knowledge of carpet cleaning, experience, professionalism, and friendliness. He represents Sears Carpet Cleaning very well.
March 21, 2016 5
My technician Reyes was very prompt courteous and did a wonderful job on my carpet. It looks like new..I would definitely recommend him and Sears to my friends etc
March 21, 2016 4.8
Thank you to Stephen for the extra detail and attention he gives to my carpets. I appreciate it.
March 21, 2016 4.5
Phil Washburn did a fantastic job. He was very courteous, thorough, and timely. Thank you for bringing back my beautiful carpets!
March 21, 2016 4
I would only be able to recommend to able-bodied customers who could move furniture and prepare the area to be cleaned. Frail single old ladies would not be able to avail themselves of this service
March 21, 2016 3.8
The technicians were very polite and nice, my disappointment is not for them. The carpet looked amazing wet. Once dry all the spots and darkness appeared back
March 21, 2016 3.5
The tech was good and the carpet cleaned, but it was very wet. It was still wet the next day, even with the fans on.
March 21, 2016 3.5
I was not dissatisfied, but felt the job was really rushed. It tookonly15-20 for the tech to do my living room, hallway and small bedroom. The carpets look better than they did before, but could look even better if tech had paid more attention to detail. The appointment setting process however was easy and the woman that I spoke with was professional and nice. I also was very pleased with the fact that I could get an appointment on such short notice, jut before Easter and at a time of my choosing. So overall, it was a decent job for the price.
March 21, 2016 3.5
Carpet stays very wet. Not satisfied with the quality of the cleaning detergent.
March 21, 2016 3
When the carpet was wet it looked great. But the areas that I told them that were the dirtiest I asked if it would match and they said no. Well it has all matted. And I have a funny smell in my living room. I would appreciate it if they meaning Sears could come and redo those areas. Thank you Laurie Hallowell
March 21, 2016 3
Good Morning. We had some issues on Saturday morning. Your techs were very nice, however your truck and equipment were not. the motor kept shutting off after 3 seconds. Then the techs, said it was my apartment that was making that happen and I have to give him pots of water to fill up the tank in the truck. Guess what? Still wouldn't work, that was not the issue. Then guess what? Yep, they had to call the office again and this time they were told to bring the truck back and get another truck. They arrived back in about an hour or so....enough time for me to cook breakfast, eat breakfast and fall asleep. Tech said, once they made it back to the yard, all the other trucks were gone and they had to fix the same truck. Now they were back and cleaning the carpets, took about 20 minutes, then when they were almost complete...guess what? Yep, motor stopped working again. I still have dirt marks and tracks on my carpet. the techs did the best they could do, I felt sorry for them.......they were nice and professional. I am unhappy with my carpet cleaning service and I am truly wondering what will SEARS do about it.
March 21, 2016 2.5
I always have Sears, but this time the carpets were left so wet it took 5 days to dry completely. I called after the 2nd day. I was told you come back out to suction the carpet. But they said they didn't have any openings until today. That's a full week later! I told them there was a musty smell due to the wetness. I paid extra for deodorizer that was a waste of my money.
March 21, 2016 2.3
It took my carpet 24 hours to dry after I was explained it would only take 6-8 hours.
March 07, 2016 5
Both guys were very personable and did a great job with carpet cleaning. I would want them back. Jean Heard
March 07, 2016 5
The young man (men) that did our carpets today where amazing! Great job!
March 07, 2016 5
Extremely knowledgeable and efficient with great work ethic. Always willing to accommodate my schedule. I exclusively use your carpet cleaning services. I have repeatedly used your services because of this technician. I highly recommend your services to family and friends. I have also referred co-workers in the area, and they have also used your services. Keep up the great work.
March 07, 2016 5
My carpets came out so clean they look brand new now. The technician was very friendly and did a excellent job. My family will definitely use Sears services again. Thank you!
March 07, 2016 5
Scott was very professional, explained the work and process thoroughly, and results were outstanding . He even helped set up my humidifier . I recommend Scott and his carpet crew highly.
March 07, 2016 5
Everything was great. Then only thing was the bathroom door was left closed so I have a 1 inch line of dirty carpet.
March 07, 2016 3.3
The carpets were cleaned well. However, the first crew did not vacuum up enough of the water used. We had to have another crew come in two days later to remove more of the water.
March 07, 2016 3
Your marketing department does a great job. They provide a low price but then really sock it to you to get everything else that will protect your carpet. I thought I was geting a $110 project which ended up being $280 in order to get what was needed for the carpet. I strongly recommend that you be upfront about what you are receiving for this price and provide additional options at the time of the appointment.
March 07, 2016 3
My carpet is still dirty. I have a personal carpet cleaner and after I clean it it looks like it does after Sears cleaned it. Not a good job.
March 07, 2016 2.8
The two gentlemen were very friendly and nice. However, i felt like the high traffic area should have had more attention and they wore shoes without proper protectors inside walking in and out of the area being cleaned. But I guess for the fee, it's about what I expected. Not happy, not un-happy just, so-so I guess. They were very prompt. And as I said they were very nice, I just would have liked to have my carpet cleaned a little more.
March 07, 2016 1
My carpet buckled and when I told the technician he just stated that the whole house buckled. He did not advise me to call the customer service department or that I had a warranty. So, I called a carpet installer and had him come out and perform a stretch service for me to get rid of the buckles left after the Sears Cleaning. The cost to me was $200 to have the carpet stretched. I am thoroughly dissatisfied with Sears Carpet Cleaning.

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Did you know, most carpet manufacturers require regular, professional carpet cleaning in order to validate your carpet's warranty? Click the links below to find out more about your carpet manufacturer's professional cleaning warranty requirements.

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