Comprehensive Home Allergen Reduction by Sears

Sears Asthma and Allergies

Home Allergen Reduction Quick Facts

  • Carpets often trap harmful allergens
  • Unclean carpets can contribute to poor indoor air quality
  • Incorrect carpet cleaning can release allergens from the carpet into the air
  • If properly cleaned, carpet can be more effective for allergen control than hardwood floors
  • Sears has been awarded the Platinum Seal of Approval by the Carpet & Rug Institute, which is the highest performance award for a carpet cleaning system

Asthma and Allergies

Sears Asthma and Allergies

Allergens are present in homes year round. Allergens are more likely to proliferate in homes where no precautions have been taken to control their dispersion, and in homes that do not invest in professional cleaning proven to reduce allergens. Carpet can act as a trap for allergens, and if not properly maintained and cleaned, your carpeting can release allergens throughout the year. Likewise, your air ducts accumulate several pounds of dust each year, continually recirculating that dust while your HVAC unit runs.

For professional home cleaning that can significantly reduce allergen levels in your home, consider Sears Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning. Our staff of trained, background-checked employees use professional cleaning equipment to rid homes of dust and debris in a way ordinary home cleaning can’t. Whether it’s carpet cleaning you’re interested in, or if you’d like air duct cleaning to rid your ducts of the many pounds of dust that have gathered over the years, the Sears team is on the job.

Spring Cleaning Tips – Bedrooms (Part 1)

Spring Cleaning Tips Bedrooms
Before beginning spring cleaning:
  • Gather all of your cleaning materials together. These should include newspaper, towels, gloves, furniture polish, glass cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, bath cleaner, and toilet bowl cleaner. Vacuuming comes last, so don’t worry about that just yet.

  • Keep a box handy for anything you find during cleaning that you’d like to donate.

  • Keep an easily accessible and portable trash can.

Now, it’s on to the bedroom(s):
  1. Pick up any loose items to throw away or set aside for donation.

  2. Remove bed sheets.

  3. Remove curtain, table covers, doilies, and laundry to be laundered. Place new sheets on the bed.

    1. For washable curtains, there’s no need to dry them. Simply rehang the curtains after the spin cycle and allow them to dry while hanging. This will fill the room with the scent of fresh laundry.
  4. Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans if accessible.

  5. Polish furniture, including picture frames, decorations, etc.

  6. Clean glass – Clean glass surfaces and mirrors. Try using newspaper while wiping down the glass. It leaves fewer streaks!

  7. Wipe down remaining surfaces with a cleaner and towel, surfaces like light switches, door knobs, and dusty walls.

Spring Cleaning Tips – Bathrooms (Part 2)

Spring Cleaning Tips Bathrooms
Next, let’s move on to the bathrooms:
  1. Pick up any loose items.

  2. Remove used towels, the shower curtain, and other machine washable items.

  3. Use a multi-surface cleaner to wipe down all surface.

  4. Dust all fixtures.

  5. Wipe down the sink area. Apply toilet bowel cleaner and scrub toiler with a brush.

  6. Wipe off light switches, door knobs, and any other surfaces.

  7. Scrub the shower or bathtub.

  8. Clean the flooring. For tiled flooring, consider Sears’ Tile and Grout Cleaning Service.

  9. Restock toilet paper, tissues, towels, and soap.

  10. Empty trash can and return.

Spring Cleaning Tips – Kitchen & Dining Area (Part 3)

Spring Cleaning Tips Kitchen and Dining Area
Lastly, we’ll focus on cleaning up the kitchen and dining room areas.
  1. Pick up any loose items and separate those you want to throw away from those you’d like to donate.

  2. Clean appliances using the correct cleaner for your appliance type.

    1. Refrigerator – empty refrigerator of all food, wipe down shelves and door racks with rag and cleaner, and replace contents.

    2. Stovetop – Remove burners if possible and wipe down stovetop thoroughly.

  3. Clean glass surfaces, windows, and glass window panes.

  4. Wipe down light switches and baseboards as needed.

  5. Clean countertops, backsplashes, spice rack, and trash can with an all-purpose cleaner.

  6. Clean flooring. For tiled floor, consider enlisting the help of Sears Tile and Grout Cleaning Services.

  7. Empty trash can.


  • Prepare your vacuum cleaner by emptying its canister or changing the bag if needed.

  • Vacuum each room on the appropriate setting for your carpet or flooring. Use vacuum tools and attachments to reach high places.

  • Move furniture around to vacuum underneath it.

Spring cleaning can leave you exhausted. While spring cleaning does a great deal to sanitize your home, there are several home cleaning issues that homeowners can’t accomplish, like carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning. For professional servicing from trained cleaning experts, you can contact Sears Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning. Our expert staff specializes in professional cleaning, including carpet, upholstery, tile and grout, hardwood floor, air duct, and dryer vent cleaning. With spring cleaning and professional cleaning, your home with be expertly refreshed.

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