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  • Professional, trained, background-checked technicians
  • 6-Step Cleaning process specifically for Hardwood Floors
  • Finish Refresher Top Coat Available
  • Restores the warmth and beauty of your hardwood floors
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Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning For Your Home

Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning
Hardwood floors add warmth & beauty to your home. But just like carpet, wood floors can become dull and dirty over time.

Using state of the art equipment and specially formulated cleaning solutions, our Blue Service Crew technicians can perform a deep-down cleaning on your hardwood floors, dramatically improving their appearance. This is a professional cleaning process that you can not do on your own. Traditional hardwood cleaning methods used by homeowners merely push the dirt around, often redistributing the dirt and residue into the fine crevices and micro-bevels in the floor. Sears 6-step hardwood cleaning processes uses equipment that is gently on your floors but tough on deeply embedded dirt.

Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaning - The Sears 6-Step Wood Cleaning Process

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process
  1. Thorough inspection of your floor to look for potential trouble areas. Discuss options with the homeowner.

  2. Vacuum floor to remove dust and large loose particles.

  3. We deep clean your floor using specialized equipment & cleaning solutions. Our powerful equipment loosens embedded dirt and residue trapped deep within the finish of your floor. The cleaning solution and dirt is instantly removed by our high powered vacuum, leaving the floor completely dry.

  4. A detailed hand cleaning follows – thoroughly cleaning edges and difficult to reach corners. Microfiber cloths are used to securely capture any remaining dirt & debris.

  5. Using a neutralizing solution the floor is cleaned a second time to give the best shine attainable. This also helps the floor stay cleaner longer.

  6. We inspect the floor to make sure it is as clean as it can be.*

Sears offers an easy-to-use wood floor cleaning kit to maintain your floor after cleaning.

Finish Refresher Top Coat for the Most Beautiful Floors Attainable

Wood Floor Finish Refresher
  • Sears highly recommends an application of our Hardwood Finish Refresher Top Coat.

  • The Finish Refresher Top Coat will add an extra layer of finish protection to your floors.

  • The Finish Refresher Top Coat will enhance the sheen and beauty of your floors.

*Results may vary depending on floor maintenance and current condition of floor. Cleaning/coating the floor will not remove or reduce the appearance of previous scratches, wear, or other damage. Sears technicians are not responsible for pre-existing scratches, loose boards, or other damage. If you are not completely satisfied, contact us within 30 days from date of service and we will make our best attempt to resolve your issues. Sears must be permitted to inspect and remedy your concerns. This guarantee is null and void if subsequent cleaning/coating has occurred.

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