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Sears Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning of Huntersville, NC

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Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning Reviews
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April 25, 2017 5
your service people were very professional. those guys were awesome
February 23, 2017 4.8
The technician did a great job, was very thorough and displayed very good customer service skills. The only reason I would be reluctant to refer Sears to a friend or use them again is that I do not like having my credit card/debit card information being written down on a piece of paper that can land anywhere. In this day and age of technology, identify theft, and given the size of Sears, the technicians should be equipped with tablets that can swipe payment information and provide a very secure transaction. This is no reflection of the technician who was awesome. If I had known my information would be written down on an invoice and carried off, I would not have used Sears. Given this I would NOT refer Sears to a friend, but I didn't select "extremely unlikely" under #6 above, because I don't want to throw off the technician's score. Once your technology is updated, I will contact you only then for future services.
November 07, 2015 3.5
Stains didn't come out
August 10, 2012 5
I had one spot on my carpet that I thought they could have tried more cleaner to remove. It was embedded in the carpet, but a second attempt wasn't made.