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Sears Keeps Your Carpet Cleaner Longer — Guaranteed

Sears two-step, hot water extraction process, and our specially formulated cleaning solutions and fiber rinse are unlike most other carpet & upholstery cleaners. With the steam cleaning process, warm/hot water is used to loosen dirt embedded deep in the carpet fibers then it is quickly extracted with powerful vacuum equipment. Our second step, the Fiber Rinse, insures that we have removed the most dirt and cleaning solution (residue) from your carpet so it will be soft, fresh and stay cleaner longer.

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Spring Clean

Spring Cleaning Tips
- Part 1

Air Duct Cleaning

What's Lurking in Your Home's Air Duct System

Deep Down Cleaning

The Difference Between Interim & Deep Down Carpet Cleaning

Carpet & Rug Institute

Carpet & Rug Institute - Carpet Cleaning Seal of Approval Program

Keep Your Carpet Cleaner Longer

Sears Keeps Your Carpet Cleaner Longer - Guaranteed

Tile & Grout

Dingy, Dirty Tile & Grout

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Carpet Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips - Part 1

Spring cleaning season is upon us. The days are getting longer and all of the sunlight pouring into your house is showing off all of your winter grime. Spring Cleaning can be a daunting task and you may be putting it off as long as you can, but pretty soon, you are going to buckle under the pressure. When you do, make sure you take along Sears Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning’s Spring Cleaning Tips.

  1. The first thing you will want to do is call Sears Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning and set up your carpet & upholstery cleaning appointment. Set your carpet & upholstery cleaning appointment for your target “Spring Cleaning” completion date. This will keep you motivated to stay on schedule. You want to have all of your other cleaning done before the Sears cleaning crew arrives.

  2. Determine how you would like to handle your cleaning schedule. One method is to identify how much time you have to spend on the project and divide that by the number of areas you must conquer in that time. In example if you have 8 hours and 7 areas, that is 480 minutes divided by 7, that gives you about an hour in each area. We have broken this down into different rooms so you can mark your calendar to do one section of the list below each week.

  3. Collect all of your home cleaning supplies and place together in a tote. Include – gloves, furniture polish, glass cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, bath cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, paper/regular towels, and newspaper. Whether you choose to do all at once or break into segments, we will save the vacuum for last so you will not need to carry that around.

  4. Label a box for donation and place in an accessible area.

Now you are ready to get started.

  • Do a quick pick-up and make sure that everything is in its place. (This will avoid distractions while deep-cleaning.) Identify any items that are no longer used that should be placed in donation or thrown away.

  • Remove bed linens from the bed

  • Remove curtains, table covers, laundry and place inside of bed linens set outside of the bedroom door or take them to the laundry room. Replace with freshly washed linens. (Quick Tip – If you have washable curtains, simply wash, shake, and re-hang damp. This will give your room a fresh aroma and avoid additional drying time in the clothes dryer. Depending on the fabric, there shouldn’t be any wrinkles but if there are you can always take them down another day and iron.)

  • Dust all light fixtures and replace any missing light bulbs

  • Polish furniture – Make sure to include, picture frames, ornaments, etc.

  • Clean Glass- Clean all glass surfaces next don’t forget mirrors, picture glass, decorations, table tops, and windows. (Quick Tip – Many believe that using newspaper instead of paper towels when cleaning glass gives a streak and lint free finish.)

  • Use your multi-purpose cleaner and a towel to wipe down any remaining surfaces – light switches, door knobs, electrical plates, dusty walls, baseboards, etc.

  • Empty waste basket and make sure all cleaning supplies are placed back into your tote.

(Repeat for each of the bedrooms in your home)

  • Make sure that your vacuum is ready to go – check bag or canister and empty if needed.

  • Work your way through each area. Use attachments to clean cob webs from ceilings/walls, cold air returns, baseboards, stair steps, hard to reach crevices, cloth lamp shades, upholstered furniture, etc.

  • Take the extra time to move any furniture that may have dust and debris collecting beneath it such as tables, chairs, couches, etc.

We know that spring cleaning can be exhausting. Hopefully, Sears Spring Cleaning tips will help you face the challenge. Check back each week for more Spring Cleaning tips from Sears. We will cover all the rooms in your house one week at a time. Sears Carpet, Upholstery, and Air Duct Cleaning experts look forward to providing the following services to help with your spring cleaning - carpet, upholstery, tile & grout, hardwood floors, clothes dryer vent, and air duct cleaning. Call today to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.

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Dingy, Dirty Tile & Grout

There is something about an older home that emits charm and warmth. Perhaps it is the thick woodwork or the many other handcrafted details. Unfortunately, years of built up dirt and debris from previous owners may not be so charming. One area where this is particularly noticeable is tiled floors. Often it isn’t even the tile, even if the color or texture of the tile is outdated. Usually it is the porous grout that runs between the tiles, ever-collecting dirt, grease, and grime. If you look closely, you will see that these porous joints resemble mortar joints in between brick. This material has many nooks and crevasses where dirt collects. It could be from years of basic traffic, poor cleaning habits, or wrong cleaning methods. Standard tile cleaning methods only move dirty water around on your floors, pushing more dirt and grime deeper into the grout pores. Sears professional Tile & Grout Cleaning technicians use high powered tile and grout cleaning brushes and vacuums that quickly extract the dirty water from your tile and grout. Leaving your floors as clean as possible.

However, depending on how long the floors have gone unmaintained, the grout may be stained and a regular grout cleaning may not be enough. If you want to give your tile floors a whole new look, don’t stop with Sears professional Tile & Grout Cleaning, ask your Sears Technician about our Grout re-coloring service. Grout re-coloring hides stubborn & deeply embedded stains to give your grout a beautiful new, clean, look. In addition, grout re-coloring seals the grout pores for easier, more effective, home cleaning. Choose from our wide selection of grout color seal options to get a grout color seal option that is best for your tile and décor. Grout re-coloring can give your tile and room a whole new look without the costly expense of replacing your tile. Besides, chances are, the tile isn’t even the problem. Call Sears Tile & Grout cleaning and re-coloring professionals to learn more about giving your tiled floors a makeover you can’t even imagine.

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The Difference Between Interim & Deep Down Carpet Cleaning —
What You Need To Know

The long lasting beauty of your carpet depends in most part on your carpet cleaning methods. There are two phases of carpet cleaning –Interim carpet cleaning and deep down carpet cleaning.

Interim carpet cleaning consists of thoroughly vacuuming the carpet at least once a week-especially in high traffic areas. And spot cleaning the carpet as soon as possible after a spill occurs. It is best to use a clean white cloth along with a residential carpet spot removal product such as Sears Professional Spot Remover.

Deep down carpet cleaning means using a professional carpet cleaning company like Sears Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning to remove the embedded dirt and grime that accumulates with traffic over time. Most carpet manufacturers recommend the hot water extraction (steam Cleaning) method of carpet cleaning be used at least once every 12 to 24 months. Hot water extraction or Steam carpet cleaning may also be required by the carpet manufacturers to maintain the carpet warranty.

The carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) has a Seal of Approval program which identifies carpet cleaning products, processes and companies that remove the most amount of dirt from carpet. Sears Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning has earned the Platinum Seal of Approval which is the highest possible CRI rating.

Sears Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning not only uses the hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, carpet cleaning process but also performs a second step. Using a PH balancing rinse to leave the carpet soft to the touch and helping it to stay cleaner longer (that’s because there is no residue left in the carpet to attract dirt).

So, proper interim carpet cleaning coupled with a periodic professional carpet cleaning from Sears Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning can prolong the life and beauty of your carpeting.

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Sears Keeps Your Carpet Cleaner Longer — Guaranteed

When choosing your Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning provider we know you have lots of things to consider. Typically, our carpet & upholstery cleaning customers are seeking convenient appointments, professional technicians, and getting the best results attainable. And the Sears Blue Crew is happy to deliver!

But how do you know you are getting the best results? What sets Sears Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning methods apart from the rest? Sears two-step, hot water extraction process, and our specially formulated cleaning solutions and fiber rinse are unlike most other carpet & upholstery cleaners. Some other carpet and upholstery cleaning companies offer carpet shampooing, dry cleaning, or carbonated/ "bonnet cleaning", methods. These methods have proven to leave behind dirt, dander, and even cleaning shampoo residue. When cleaning shampoo residue is left behind, it can act as a magnet to dirt and your carpet & upholstery can get dirty faster. Additionally, these methods have been recognized as more of a "topical" cleaning as they are only able to temporarily remove dirt from the carpet and upholstery surface. They are not considered "deep-cleaning" methods.

Like Sears, most carpet cleaning & upholstery cleaning companies today perform a warm/hot water extraction process or "steam cleaning" process. With the steam cleaning process, warm/hot water is used to loosen dirt embedded deep in the carpet fibers then it is quickly extracted with powerful vacuum equipment. Typically the dirt is then run through hoses out of the house to the truck mounted cleaning unit. Sears Carpet & Upholstery cleaning takes this cleaning process to the next level by adding a separate pH balance fiber rinse. Our second step, the Fiber Rinse, ensures that we have removed the most dirt and cleaning solution (residue) from your carpet so it will be soft, fresh and stay cleaner longer. Our carpet cleaning process is not only the process recommended by America’s largest carpet manufacturer, but the Sears 2-step deep cleaning process was also tested by the Carpet & Rug Institute and awarded the Platinum Seal of Approval for removing the most dirt from carpet. The Platinum Seal is the highest possible level of achievement. Below you will find an excerpt from The Carpet & Rug Institute that describes the stringent requirements to be awarded with the Platinum Seal of Approval.

Testing Criteria
  • Soil removal – CRI uses NASA-enhanced x-ray fluorescence technology to measure the precise amount of soil removed from the carpet, and soil removal efficiency is rated on four levels. Extractors that exceed average soil removal levels receive a Bronze Seal rating. Those achieving higher levels of soil removal receive a Silver or Gold rating. Extractors that remove the highest level of soil earn the CRI Platinum Seal of Approval.

  • Water removal – The extractor or system must remove most of the moisture resulting from a wet cleaning process. Dirty water that remains in the carpet could be a source of fungal growth and could prolong the drying process.

  • Fiber surface retention – The product must not harm the carpet pile.

If a system is being tested, additional test criteria are included and mirror those from the Cleaning Solutions protocol. These include:

  • Rate of resoiling – This ensures that the product does not attract dirt to the cleaned areas faster than the rest of the carpet.

  • pH – A more neutral pH ensures that carpet dyes and fibers are not adversely affected.

  • Optical brighteners – None is allowed, as optical brighteners can leave some patches of carpet lighter than the rest.

  • Colorfastness – Products must not be so aggressive that they cause a color change in the carpet.

Source –

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You’d Be Surprised What’s Lurking In Your Home’s Air Duct System

According to the National Air Duct Cleaner’s Association (NADCA), a typical six-room home creates over 40 pounds of dust annually through everyday living. In addition, the typical family generates a great deal of contaminants and air pollutants such as dander, dirt and chemicals. These contaminants are pulled into the HVAC system and re-circulated 50 to 70 times per day on average. Over time, this re-circulation can cause a build-up of contaminants in the air duct work.

There are a few things that the EPA recommends you do to keep your air duct system clean and free of contaminants:

  • Use a highest efficiency air filter

  • Change filters regularly

  • If your filters become clogged, change them more frequently

  • Be sure you do not have any missing filters and that air cannot bypass filters through gaps around the filter holder

  • Have your air coils and drained pans cleaned

  • During construction or renovation work that produces dust in your home, seal off supply and return registers and do not operate the heating and cooling system until after cleaning up the dust

  • Remove dust and vacuum your home regularly. (Use a high efficiency vacuum (HEPA) cleaner or the highest efficiency filter bags your vacuum cleaner can take. Vacuuming can increase the amount of dust in the air during and after vacuuming as well as in your ducts)

  • If your heating system includes in-duct humidification equipment, be sure to operate and maintain the humidifier strictly as recommended by the manufacturer

Your home would be a candidate for Sears Air Duct Cleaning if:

  • You can visibly see built up dirt, dust or dander in your ducts or have never had them cleaned

  • a build-up of dirt at the registers

  • particulates / dust blowing out of your vents

  • unusual odors

  • a unit that runs longer than it used to

  • a coil that ices up

  • pets

  • smoking in the home

  • family members that suffer from indoor allergies

  • recently remodeled your home

Sears Indoor Air Quality & Air Duct Cleaning professionals are trained to thoroughly and correctly perform air duct cleaning as per the NADCA guidelines. Sears Air Duct Cleaning professionals will not clean partial systems. The EPA warns consumers not to hire air duct cleaning professionals who only partially clean the system. Air Duct Cleaning of only part of the system could result in the loss of the benefit of air duct cleaning as dust, debris, and dirt that is left behind will continue to circulate and re-contaminate your home’s air ducts. Sears Indoor Air Quality Specialists also offer HVAC system filters. Ask the Sears Air Duct Cleaning technician about our filter replacement program where you get several filters and an email reminder when it is time to change or clean your air filter. We also offer air cleaners, and air purification products, to help improve the indoor air quality in your home. Ask your Sears Indoor Air Quality Specialists what products would best fit your needs and the needs of your home or visit Sears Air Duct Cleaning to read more or view air duct cleaning pictures and videos.

Sources:, NADCA

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Carpet & Rug Institute — Carpet Cleaning Seal of Approval Program

The Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) is a not for profit trade association that represents the manufacturers of over 95% of the carpet made in the United States.

The CRI realizes that proper carpet cleaning is an integral factor in how long a carpet lasts and how well consumers enjoy their carpet. So, the CRI decided to scientifically test carpet cleaning products and carpet cleaning processes and then to rate them on how much dirt was removed from the carpet. In essence, this rating system helps consumers understand which products and processes clean carpet the best.

Their testing and rating system is called the CRI Seal of Approval Program. While some carpet cleaning products/processes do not pass, there are four (4) levels of approval based upon the percent of soil removed from carpeting:

  • 90% to 100% Removal = SOA Platinum

  • 80% to 89% Removal   = SOA Gold

  • 70% to 79% Removal   = SOA Sliver

  • 55% to 69% Removal   = SOA Bronze

Sears Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning was one of the first companies to receive the Platinum Seal of Approval for a deep-cleaning system. The carpet cleaning "system" is the combination of the carpet cleaning machine and a particular carpet cleaning solution, following a set procedure.

There are stringent cleaning standards that must be met in the following categories to receive the Seal of Approval awards:

  • Soil removal

  • Water removal

  • Texture retention

Other rating criteria that must be met are:

  • Rate of re-soiling (How quickly carpet becomes dirty again)

  • pH balancing (Neutralization of carpet after cleaning)

  • No optical brighteners (additives to detergent that make carpets "appear" clean)

  • Color fastness (Does not alter color of carpet or fabric)

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